Bluebonnets RED WHITE BLUE on 3-1-2020

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2022: Red - Maroon Alamo  |  2022: Lady Bird Johnson Royal  |  2022: Culture and planting-harvesting crew Verstraeten and Stein


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Good Ole Days

Jeremy Parsons about "Good Ole Days":

You ever hear the one about the father and son that walked into the hardware store? That’s exactly where the idea for ‘Good Ole Days’ started. From the older gentleman behind the counter revisiting when he used to go out and pick cotton with his dad and brothers, to a blind man named ‘The Colonel’…I enjoyed writing this song because, as much as it was about looking back for the characters, it’s also about knowing that looking forward is just as important. I like the thought that our fondest memories are yet to be made.
- Jeremy Parsons

"SHOWMAN SHOOTER BALLAD" about Herb Parsons (The Greatest Exhibition Shooter of All Time)
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-- written and performed in 2009
by Jeremy M. Parsons, the grandson of Herbert Parsons

Listen Herb Parsons Duck Calling Record
Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol Exhibition Shooters

Herb Parsons, The Greatest Exhibition Shooter of All Time read more...
aka SHOWMAN SHOOTER

Ad (Adolph) Toepperwein (Topperwein), The "Father" of All Exhibition Shooters read more...

Plinky” Toepperwein (Topperwein) aka Elizabeth Servaty

1940 Toepperwein Column about ?Adding to Repertoire After
Almost 50 Years -- The ?Tops? Getting Ready Again? read more...
Mail-order and links to these and other famous Exhibition Shooters of Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols Order Form
Little Jimmy Dickens died on 01/02/2015, at the age of 94. Little Jimmy Dickens is on the Jeremy Parsons - Doggondest Feelin' Music Video at:

Uploaded on Apr 1, 2010
Jeremy writes: ?The title track from my Cd Doggondest Feelin' now has a music video. You will see the story of the song played out by myself and a few friends. Guess who else is in it? That's right none other than Little Jimmy Dickens himself!!! 'Tater' stopped by just long enough to steal away my girlfriend, if anybody was gonna do it I'm glad it was him!!!! Special Thanks to Blue Hawk Productions out of Memphis for the GREAT Production of this video!!!!?

"Doggondest Feelin'" by Jeremy Parsons

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