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Milton Glueck, Host of Milberger's Gardening Show

January 24, 2005
Milton is a lover of Nature. He has labored for years to attract birds to his home so he could share his experiences with Calvin Finch on the KLUP Garden Show. It seems as if Milton didn't have bad luck---he would have no luck at all. His description of his first birding "success" indicates that his first success had a foul ending: "I got out of my car today and heard what sounded like rain hitting the ground. I looked up in the sky (which I later realized was not the smartest thing I had ever done!!) and noticed there wasn't a cloud to be seen. THEN as my vision blurred by an ocular excrement direct hit, I remembered the stupid waxwings. Yep, I was hit three more times before I got to the house. I swear it sounded like rain hitting the ground and that bird manure must be acidic because it burned like the Devil!!!! Here's a picture of just a couple of the little guys--cute but DEADLY.

Milton with Stinkbug in hair

Lards of the Rings

Rodeo 2004

Milton squatting in colorful bluebonnets

Jazzfest- Calvin, Jerry, Milton 05-02-04 at Jazz Festival

Milton helps with butterfly collection

Milton pets his ass
Bird-a-thon for Mitchell Lake in April, 2005. You could also put a link to information about this event at:

I don't see no stinking bird unless you mean that fowl-looking thing floating in the water

OK let's get real close so Milton can't get in!!

That little black duck better not come over here or we gonna give it some really fowl language!!.

Milton can't believe the fleas on this guys head!!.

If they won't let me look I won't play with them!!!!!.

Has anyone seen Milton!! These guys are looking for him
Milton and Jerry spotted the following birds:
1. Purple Grackle
2. Morning Dove
3. White Cattle Egret
4. Red Winged Blackbird
5. Scissor-tail Flycatcher
6. English Sparrow
7. Barn Swallow
8. Mocking Bird
9. Yellow (Dull) Bellied Finch
10. Hummingbird
11. Gold Finches
12. Snowy Egret
13. Snowy Egret
14. Green Heron
15. Mexican Eagle
16. Butcher Bird
17. Brown Crested Flycatcher
18. Spotted Sandpiper
19. Black-necked Stilts
20. Long-billed Doucher
21. Fallow Ropes
22. Blue-winged Teals
23. Whistler Mexican Duck
24. Barn Owl
25. Meadow Lark
26. Pelican
27. Lincoln Sparrow
28. Western Grebe
29. Grilled Chicken Hawk
30. Great Egret
31. Not-so-Great Egret
32. Sorry-excuse-for-an-Egret
33. Gallinule
34. Karmarnd
35. Coot
36. Old Coot (named Finch)
37. Blue Wing Teal
38. Turkey Vulture
39. Pied-billed Grebe
40. Sharp Shin Hawk
41. Dull Shin Hawk
42. Broken Shin Hawk
43. Leach Grebe
44. Cardinal Finch
45. Shoveler
46. Digger
47. Coverer
48. Cessna (Twin engine)
49. Red Tailed Hawk
50. Narrow-winged Southwestern

Since Dr. Finch (named after a bird!!) indicates he only "recorded 46 species", it is clear who the sharp-eyed birders on this trip were!!!!!

Milton's Second Place Potty-O-Garden on May 29 2005

Milton Glueck is joyous with his Potty-0 Garden 2nd Place Winner
Who would have known Milton was a MOTORCYCLE MAN!!!!!

BUT I guess his gold front tooth proves that he is an experienced MOTORCYCLE MAN!!!!!!
Click here to listen to Milton's Harley commercial.

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