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Forrest Appleton
Texas A&M Class of '58, Bexar County Master Gardener, Retired Nurseryman
Parson's Archive Answer Man

Forrest Appleton
with 'Henry Duelberg' salvia and
'White Laura Bush' petunia
Forrest Appleton, Texas A&M Class of '58, is a member of the Bexar County Master Gardeners, having completed the training with Bexar County Class 6 in 1992. For many years he was the educational program coordinator. He managed the Jones Maltsberger Turf Site for several years until the San Antonio Water System had to close the site for security reasons after 9-11. Forrest is an integral part of the Parson's Archive ebsite. He has helped Dr. Jerry Parsons by answering most of the e-mail questions received from the public on the two web sites, aggie-horticulture.tamu.ed/archives/parsons/ and 2005 was the busiest by far and he answered almost 2400 questions. He maintains his Master Gardener status as it provides credibility since it is common knowledge that Forrest answers these questions in the name of Jerry Parsons and the A&M team of experts or helps the public find the answer to their questions on the Internet.

Forrest Appleton retired as a military officer in 1983. He then succumbed to his horticultural genes, having grown up on cotton farms, and went to work at Rainbow Gardens Nursery which at that time was located in Hollywood Park near San Antonio, Texas. Within 6 months he became the manager of that store. When it moved to its present location on Thousand Oaks he continued as its manager for several years. He was then transferred to the store on West Avenue (which has since been closed). After a couple of years at that store, dealing with retail customers and employees became too tedious so he decided to drop his managerial position and continued to work for Rainbow Garden Center until the start of the Master Gardener training.

Forrest has become an integral part of the continuing success of Parson's Archive nd Aggie Horticulture. He provides common sense answers with science-based information and constantly enhances the site with his brilliant photography and writing abilities.

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