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Wilbur and Que Watje--Friends and Contributors
to Texas Horticulture and Master Gardening

Wilbur Watje was in the Class 20 of the Bexar County Master Gardeners in spring of 1996. His wife Que didn't have to take the classes--she is naturally a Master of gardening--you should see her yard!!!

While in the Bexar County Master Gardeners, he worked closely with Dr. Calvin Finch on his Treated Timber Study to determine if the materials used to treat the wood leached into garden soil and/or was absorbed by the plants. The study determined that the plants did not absorb any of the slight amounts of chemical which might leach from treated timbers but to be completely safe, all root crops grown in close proximity to the treated timbers should be washed thoroughly before eating. This is true for all root crops no matter where they are grown.

Wilbur was also on the teams which conducted the first EvapoTranspiration (ET) studies. He collected the data and processed it to determine how much and how often different lawn grasses need supplemental watering.

Before Wilbur was a Bexar County Master Gardener, he was a friend and neighbor to Jerry Parsons. The Watjes and the Parsons moved into the Braun Station subdivision about the same time in 1979. Parsons quickly realized how organized Wilbur was and how he could fix any machine.
Wilbur was also a computer genius who could easily digitalize many old reports and horticulture publications for Parsons' and Aggie-Horticulture PLANTanswers at: and make them look better than the original

document. Some of these documents have become the mainstay of these websites. Especially important are:

How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table
(Second Edition, August, 1936)





BULLETIN NO. 31 JUNE 1925 - How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of
Preparing it for Human



Our Vegetable Travelers -- The National Geographic History of Vegetables

Healthy Food Choices for diabetic Mexican-Americans


His expertise as a photographer were utilized in making the first digital images ever used for Texas Cooperative Extension Vegetable Variety Trials as shown at:
for watermelons

for tomatoes.

This practice of putting digital images with Extension data is now used throughout the Texas A&M System.

Wilbur worked tirelessly on a recently discovered San Antonio Encyclopedia of Plants written by the late Margaret Kane.
This over 400 page manuscript will soon be available on thanks to Wilbur.

Of course, these are a few of the many things which have been accomplished by Wilbur and Que Watje. Wilbur's talents were often utilized to take images at functions such as the San Antonio Herb Market. Speaking of Herbs, Wilbur has also been asked to and has graciously contributed to the Parsons' Family history in the form of saving videos of Jerry Parsons--the early years on KENS television--and scanning information about Jerry's famous father, Herb Parsons, for use on the website.

Maybe the greatest contribution to Texas' horticulture has been the filing of hundreds of digital images taken by Jerry Parsons and other horticulturists in a searchable format which allows for quick retrieval of horticulture images for use in magazines, newspaper and national media as well as on various websites all over the world. Wilbur discovered the technique to catalog these images so all images of different subject matter can be instantly retrieved.

Yes, without a doubt, Wilbur and Que Watje are true friends of PLANTanswers and have contributed much to the horticulture world.

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