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Question: Why are some of my vegetables growing into such odd and unusual shapes?

Answer: Inadequate pollination because of heat and other adverse growing conditions causes that section of the fruit in which the seed did not develop to not grow and fill out. Also, the fruit primordium (embryonic growing point) can be damaged or altered by environmental factors and cause strange growth forms. Of course, Siamese twins or two fruit growing together is also rather common. The following anomalies have been found.

Odd and Unusually Shaped Vegetable Gallery

Photo submitted by the Faris Family in San Antonio

One of Dr. Parson's rabid fans submitted this "cheeky" tomato....

This inspirational tomato was brought to our attention by Mrs. Virginia Jacobs and was on display at Brenneman's Produce in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Sometimes eggplant can have faces on them WITH BIG NOSES!!.

Sometimes the damage can cause three roots to be produced

When the growing point of a carrot is damaged, it splits causing two roots or carrots to be produced

When crowded, radishes can grow a long stem before producing a rounded radish

Close-up of curled cucumber towards a damaged side.

Cracking in a radish indicates it is over-mature and will probably be bitter

Damage on one side of a cucumber stops growth on that side making it curl towards the damage.

Dikon radishes can have multi-roots just as carrots can.

Physical damage on eggplant can sometimes resemble an animal-- Do you see the deer with 4 antlers

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