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There have been some psychological studies made in regards to the consumption of pepper. The results demonstrate that the hot from the pepper represents an emotional factor to the consumer of little duration and no permanent damage. Pepper consumption is compared to activities much like that of a parachutist, roller coaster or attending a horror movie. All these activities are risks restricted that affect the emotional feeling of the participants. So the 'Parsons Potent Chili Penguin' so give you the thrill of a lifetime since it is 4 times larger and 5 times hotter than a standard chili piquin!

It has been concluded that the heat of the pepper can cause a discharge of endorfin from the brain to the nervous system of the consumer. These are substances which produce a sensation of well being. In the continuing use of pepper the discharge increases and the reaction of irritation and ill-feeling is replaced by pleasurable results of its consumption. Finally the pleasurable result is stronger than the sensation of pain it causes.

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The medicinal value of pepper has been recognized for hundreds of years. Recent tests confirm the validity of many of the uses that are given to the pepper as a medicine in the pre- Hispanic time as well as the colonial. Much of this folklore has been documented in a recently published book, Capsicum Cultura-- La Historia Del Chilli, by Janet Long-Solis. The following are some common ailments and some old time pepper remedies:

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THE COUGH: There are three remedies to cure the cough through

the use of pepper. If it is a light cough you eat a light pudding with yellow pepper and honey. If the cough persists, an infusion of teauaxin with pepper and salt is used. A third treatment consists of a tea from roots of tlacopopoth (Arundinella hispida), or lime water mixed with pepper. This medicine can cure your cold or flu. Within the European medical theories, adopted by the Indian medicine the hypocritical says all things of the universe have opposite characteristics such as, hot-cold dry-humid. The cold was opposite to the hot and humid to dry. A healthy body maintains these contrast in equilibrium but when sick, there is a great load on the temperatures and when you recuperate, your equilibrium depends on the nourishment and medicine that contain the adverse qualities of those your illness provoked. The hot sauces like pepper are considered "hot". They were prescribed for sickness pertaining to "colds". It is frequently used for coughs due to colds, bronchitis, asthma, irritated throat and congestion. It is used in gargle form, balm or ointment made from the pepper and the leaves. It was known that infusions were good. It was a hot remedy!

In the fall of 2003, a yellow seedling
was found and is being increased. Soon you will further understand the
saying: Red-and-Yellow will kill a fellow--or at least make him wish he
were dead!!!

TONGUE INJURIES: Apply a mixture of pepper cooked with salt on the injury of the tongue. In this case it was probably used as an antiseptic.

THE TEETH: You can take the toothache away, applying a hot pepper with salt to the affected tooth. If your gums are hurting, apply the same rule to reduce the infection. Recent studies have proven from the pepper works against pain, since it affects the body at the brain. Also pepper contains vitamins A & C essential to the good health of the gums and teeth.

In the past few years, it has been discovered that the Capiscina from the pepper functions as an agent against pain. The chemical substance from the brain named "P" is directly related to the transmission of pain. Scientists have found capsicina stimulates selectively and will destroy the substance "P" in certain nerves that end in the skin and the mucous membranes. In this way it works as an anti-sensibilitant. This phenomenon has been observed in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems where there is a relation in the effect provoked by the capsicina and the substance "P". The discovery of the effectiveness of applications of capsicina to the dental nerve of the socket to reduce the substance "P" as a transmitter for the pain in the dental pulp justifies the pre-Hispanic remedy to utilize hot pepper to treat the pain of a tooth.

DIGESTIVE TRACT: Known functions of the pepper is to incite your appetite, because of its ability to foment saliva secretion in the mouth. It plays a physiological role in the nourishment of natives because it secretes the saliva that does not break through in your mouth when, every day of the year and of your life you take the same meals, tortillas and beans. When your taste sensibility grows dull and weak you need more pepper sauce so your food will not taste like rags. Every day the sauce will need more serrano to give your meal more taste.

The Mayas utilized the pepper to cure an illness where the symptoms started by showing blood in your urine and feces. That also works on your stomach ache and it provokes diarrhea. For stomach ache, yellow tomato juice mixed with pepper is recommended. The Mexican people would treat a colic with a suppository made of lime nitre, sap of liquidambar and pepper. With that remedy you would probably get a pain more intense than the original. The cure is worse than the illness.

CONSTIPATION: This problem is treated with pepper and saltpeter in water.

HEMORRHOIDS: These are also treated with a remedy made with pepper. I'll bet they wished for the 'Parsons Potent Chili Penguin' -- they could cauterize those hemorrhoids in one "pass".

BEAUTY AIDS: Beside its medicinal qualities the pepper has been used as a beauty product too. To smooth your face skin, it is recommended to wash your face with warm urine and apply pepper (yellow chilcozth). The pepper in this case may serve the purpose as an astringent. Once you smooth your face skin you definitely want to be more attractive to the opposite sex so use another remedy which suggests that women bathe in pepper water to increase their sexual attraction.

APHRODISIAC: It was advised that the male not over use the pepper because it is prejudicial (hurtful) to their health, mainly because it provokes sensuality. It was famous for that when it was introduced in Europe in the 16th Century. Presently in many countries, it is still related with sexual desires hotter than a pepper! Like many parts of the world, in the Arab nations, they attribute sensual qualities. In Samoa the pepper is one of the ingredients of Kava, a love potion of virility.

STIMULANT: The consumption stimulates perspiration so it lowers the internal temperature of your body. As a home remedy, it is a stimulant for hair growth. There are some who will put them in their socks for better circulation and to keep the feet warm in cold climates. I can imagine it now, chile piqins between toes - watch out Dr. Scholls - here we come.

In Malaysia it is used over the abdomen as a stimulant at the time of childbirth. After birth it is used internally to expulse the afterbirth.

STIMULANT: The consumption stimulates perspiration so it lowers the internal temperature of your body.

Researchers at Britain's Oxford Polytechnic gave twelve volunteers identical 766-calorie meals. On one day, 3 grams each of hot chili and mustard were added (about average for a super spicy meal); the next day, no spices were added. Result: After eating the spicy meal, the subjects burned off an average of 45 extra calories over the next three hours. It seems that hot spices temporarily speed up your metabolic rate. This means an obese person could transform into anorexia with several pods of the not-even-funny-it-is-so-hot regular jalapeno "killer".

THE EAR: Apply drops of pepper powder boiled with liquor to ease an ear ache caused by the cold. This combination of liquor and pepper was an early sign secrecy of colonial medicine.

REMEDY FOR TOO MUCH PARTYING: Picante sauce with garlic is exceptionally good for a hang-over. It is very popular to overcome discomfort caused by a night on the town. I assume that this is the origin of using tomato juice as a hangover remedy.

Parsons Potent Penguin Peppers with Ornamental pepper in front

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Pepper Flower and Red Parsons Potent Penguin

Yellows and Reds of the Parsons Potent Penguin Peppers

Arthritis and Sore Joints:

QUESTION: My Dad listens to your show all the time, and was wondering if you could quite possibly send him the homemade recipe of Capzasin? He says you will know what I'm talking about. When you did this recipe he missed it, and would really like to try it.

ANSWER: Your dad and MANY others have received relief by using my pepper receipt for sore joints. The way that pepper or the capsaicin (heat-giving chemical) works is that it causes a burning sensation and depletes nearby nerve cells of a chemical that helps to relay pain impulses to the brain. Without this chemical, the neurons cannot transmit signals of pain and this brings relief. The interesting thing about capsaicin is it is not a topical (skin) burn but takes 30-40 minutes to cause the deep, "at-the-pain" warmth and eventual complete release. Tell your dad that the mix I used contained 6 chile piquins (regular size) and one heaping tablespoon of Vaseline. Of course you can make it stronger (with more piquins) or weaker (with less piquins or more Vaseline). Just crush and thoroughly grind the piquins in the Vaseline. I put the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds to "smooth" the mixture by melting it some. After applying the mixture, wait for at least an hour for results, i.e., whether to mix a stronger batch. Also, and more importantly, to eliminate the capsaicin (heat-giving chemical) from the hands, wash thoroughly in a chlorox-water (two tablespoons chlorox in a quart of water) or be REAL careful if you touch a "sensitive" part of your or a loved one's body!


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