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Question: I would really appreciate your feedback on this problem. I am attaching 3 pictures (they’re clean) of my lawn problem. Someone told me it was brown patch and I have been using Fung-Away II Lawn Fungicide for about 2 months with no results. Someone else told me it could be grubs. Now I am turning to the real professional… lawn future is in your hands. Thanks for any help.
Answer: My guess would be Take-All Root Rot. Its very unusual for brown patch to be active in July and August. As to grubs, the damage doesn't correspond to what we normally see with grub activity.

To determine the difference between brown patch and Take-All Root Rot, check the leaves and the roots. For brown patch, the leaves can easily be pulled from the stolons while in Take-All, the leaves are still firmly attached. In brown patch, the roots will still be white, while for Take-All Root Rot the roots will be short and brown to black in color.

If grubs caused this much turf damage, then it would be very easy to find the grubs at the surface of the soil underneath the dead turfgrass.

As to treatment for the Take-All Root Rot, the best cure description can be found at: The best treatment for brown patch is a product named

f-STOP or products containing terrachlor such as Turfcide.

Brown patch begins in the wettest location.

Notice yellow halo with green center.

As brown patch spreads it produces a yellow halo with green blades in the center of the effected circle