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Milberger's Nursery and Landscaping
3920 North Loop 1604 E.
San Antonio, TX 78247

Three exits east of 281, inside of 1604
Next to the Diamond Shamrock station
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Questions for the Week

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QUESTION : I am looking for a plant to replace my dying bougainvillaeas in 2 decorative pots in front of my house. I was thinking that Camellias would look nice since they would bloom through the winter. Will camellias do well in pots and what are the names of dwarf varieties? Also, do you have any other plant suggestions for pots?
ANSWER :I you plant the two pots in front of the house which receives shade in the afternoon, then camellias would work. The problem is trying to find a dwarf camellia. She's on the north side of San Antonio and would have to cover the camellia flowers (or buds) when it freezes. Another option would be gardenias (white gem or radicans). White gem is a dwarf that grows approximately 2 to 2 and one?half feet and has single blossoms. Radicans is a ground cover that gets 1 to 1 and one?half feet and has small, quarter size flowers. If the pots are in the sun, then mimature crape myrtle, dwarf lantana, salvias, minature roses and dwarf shrubs.
Mike Fanick, Fanick Nursery, San Antonio

QUESTION : Poppy Stewart sent in a recipe to you named Devine Pecan Pie.... it does not say anything about a pie crust. Does pie filling go directly in pie plate ? or do you use a pie crust?
ANSWER : Of the over 20,000 copies of this recipe sent out, you are the SECOND to notice that no pie crust is mentioned. My Aggie daughter Alicia was the FIRST. I don't know what to tell you ?? maybe those other 19, 998 used a pie crust but if the pie crust gets in the way, I guess you could pour it directly into a pie plate without crust. Or maybe into a glass and just drink the mixings!! ANYWAY you fix it, this will be the best pie you EVER laid your lips on!!! Milton Glueck, the lovely and talented host for the KLUP Saturday and Sunday Garden Radio 930 Show tells me that people should use the largest pie pan or pie crust available. Milton also gives the hint to take the pie out of the oven before the pecans on top of the pie burst into flames or turn charcoal black REGARDLESS of how long the pie has been baking.

QUESTION : I was wondering if you might know of anyone trying to grow olive trees in the Hill Country. It seems to me there is a known established olive grove somewhere near you, and somebody experimenting with selected olive trees from Europe and the Middle East.
ANSWER : I do not know of any olive growing in the Hill Country. However, there are some trial plantings near Devine, Cotulla and Dilley. One planting near Devine was taken out this past year due to being froze to the ground 3 years in a row. It is not that it has been considerably cold, rather it warms up in the middle of the winter and the plants lose their cold hardiness only to be subjected to more cold. A summary of olive culture in Texas is outlined at the following Plantanswers site:

QUESTION : Why must composting be done properly?
ANSWER : If improperly cultured (maintained) or mixed, organic material will rot rather than decompose. Aeration and microbiological activity are essential for decomposition of organic materials to occur.

QUESTION : Why is it best to prune in dry weather?
ANSWER : Avoids the spreading of pathogens which might be present via the water medium. Also, who wants to prune in the rain!?!

QUESTION : Why is planting junipers and ornamental pear trees together a poor combination?
ANSWER : Junipers can harbor such fungus diseases as Cedar Apple Rust which can damage?defoliate apple and pears.

QUESTION : Why is sanitation an important part of disease control of ornamentals?
ANSWER : To avoid contamination via movement of contaminates on pruning equipment to otherwise non?infected plant materials.