While searching for answers about leafcutter ant control on the Internet, I found an item from the A&M plantanswers stating that Amdro had a leafcutter ant bait. I have searched for this product and have not been able to find it in the San Antonio area. I also have tried to find an Amdro site on the Internet but have only come up with items for fire ants. If you could tell me if the leafcutter bait is still available and where I can purchase it. If it is no longer available, what can I do to control these pests. Their mounds have increased to cover most of the front section of our country lot.

The green-label Amdro for cutants has been removed from the market since cutants are not as universal problem as fireants. Some folks have used Orthene dust on mounds and around plants being ravaged. The ants "track" the Orthene dust (don't wet it or water it into the mound after application!) back to the main mound which kills down into the depths of the mound. Some folks claim they thoroughly mix two tablespoons of Orthene into a box of any bran-type cereal to make their own baits which the ants love since it is freshly mixed. Of course, we cannot recommend this since it is not on the Orthene label and, when dealing with some people, they might decide to eat or feed to their family any Orthene-bran cereal baits which were not used!!!! Keep watching PLANTanswers and as soon as some product is legally cleared and found effective for cutants, we will shout it to the Internet!!!!

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