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Fairy Fan-flower or Scaevola aemula

Scaevola aemula is a member of the family Goodenaceae. The widely known common name is Fairy Fan-flower, which pertains to the small size of the S. aemula plants.

Scaevola aemulaIt is native along the New South Wales and Victorian coastlines where it can be found in the form of a low growing perennial herb. It is also native to Australia.

The flowers have a beautiful fan shape with the typical coloration of purple, blue or mauve. This petal color is combined with a white or more commonly a yellow center to give a bright eye catching flower. The flowers grow at various points along the stems and they decrease in size from the top to the bottom of the plant. It flowers from spring through to the end of summer. This blooming time alters according to the length of summer and the temperatures of the season. These plants are frost sensitive. S. aemula also requires well-drained soil and a good sunny location.

S. aemula is extremely versatile and is recommended for growing in pots as well as garden beds. It also is good for attracting birds and insects. S. aemula has great potential as a ground cover.

Surdiva Suntory Light Blue Scaevola
Flower Color: Light Blue with white eye
Vigor: Good
Classification: Semi trailing & mounding
Plant Dimension: Height: 6 inches – 8 inches
Plant Dimension: Width or Spread: 12 inches – 24 inches
Application/Uses: Patio containers, hanging baskets, window boxes and bedding plants; Container plants may be overwintered indoors or cuttings may be taken in late summer for overwintering indoors. Bedding plants may be potted up in fall and overwintered. However, these plants are often simply replaced annually in spring rather than trying to overwinter them.
Flower Size/Bloom Size: 1½ inches
Time of Flowering/Bloom Time: Spring to late fall (first frost); Making it suitable as annual
Sun Exposure: (Light) Full sun – partial shade; Prefers light filtered or dappled sun.
Pot Size: 4 inch and 6 inch pots, 10 inch and 12 inch hanging baskets
Watering: Prefers medium moisture. Do not allow to dry between waterings. It is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils
Fertilizer: Medium feeder, feeding with every other watering promotes growth and constant flowering.
Pinching/Pruning: Pruning or pinching are not necessary.
Maintenance: Low; No serious insect or disease problems.
Leaves: Evergreen


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