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Pepper Seed Extraction and Use of Seed-Removed Hulls

Special Note:
Nethery LJOE (Largest Jalapeno On Earth)
is an open-pollinated selection from TAM Mild Jalapeño II made by Betty Nethery of Junction, Texas over a ten year period. It is normally much larger than TAM Mild Jalapeño II and has a Scoville unit rating of about 2500 or hotter.
Available at Milberger’s in late July, 2023! This is the BEST stuffing pepper available. See images below in Pepper Seed Extraction and Use of Seed-Removed Hulls; Also, save some seed from the best fruit produced since SADLEY Mrs. Nethery has passed.

1. Choose the pepper fruit which is true-to-type such as the one on the left.

2. Cut around the peppers on the cap or stem end and ...

3. ... remove the stems and top of the peppers.

4. After the tops have been removed ...

5. ... the seed attached to the fruit walls are easily accessible.

6. Using something such as a peeler, remove the seed and attached tissue.

7. After the seed has been removed with pepper tissue, it can be allowed to dry.

8. Often, dried, dead seed will be detected among the white, plump viable seed.

9. Once seed has been removed, stuff the fruit with cheese to make an appetizer.

10. Or use the peppers to enhance an otherwise colorless meal of steak and potato.

11. After the center and seed have been removed, the pepper is not nearly as hot to the taste.

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