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What is the best-tasting tomato?

About taste, anyone who recommends a certain variety to another person because of taste is being fool-hearty. Everyone has a different taste preference. This was proven when I conducted a taste test of the leading varieties in this area. All varieties were grown in the same field, harvested at the same maturity, and sliced so that appearance would not be a factor. Several hundred participants indicated strong preferences for each of the different varieties.

For instance, the person who loved the Bingo tomato variety may have disliked the Whirlaway tomato variety and vice versa. Interestingly enough, some married couples had different preferences so unless both Bingo and Whirlaway varieties were planted and tomatoes separated, one of the spouses strongly disliked the tomatoes which were planted. The tomato rage of '92 named Surefire had what is best described as a non-controversial flavor -- people neither loved it nor hated it.

Surefire was judged to be the meatiest entry and all agreed it would be the best for salsa, sauces and long-storage. With all of that verbiage and data to consider, I will make this recommendation. Plant and/or transplant several selections from HEIRLOOM Vegetable SEED uniquely productive in the Southwest U.S. and Texas and judge their flavor for yourself in your gardening conditions. The Surefire tomato variety should be planted to produce the earliest fruit of the year and a meaty tomato which can be used in salsas as well as for fresh consumption.


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