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Seed of Vegetable Varieties

  • Beans, Bush:,
    Blue Lake 274, Contender, Eureka, Ferrari, French Filet, Gold Rush, Jade, Roma II, Royal Burgundy, Tavera, Topcrop , Trio
  • Beans, Pole:
    Blue Lake FM-1K, Kentucky Wonder, Orient Wonder, Scarlet Emperor, Triofo Violetto
  • Beets:
    Avalanche, Bulls Blood, Chiogga, Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder, Golden Boy, Gourmet Blend
  • Broccoli:
    Di Cicco, Raplini, Romanesco, Waltham 29
  • Cabbage:
    Copenhagen Market, Garden Leader Green Monster, Red Acre
  • Cantaloupe:
    Hale’s Best Jumbo, Hearts of Gold, Sierra Gold
  • Carrot:
    Atomic Red, Carnival Blend, Cosmic Purple, Danvers 126, Kuroda, Little Finger, Mezza Lunga Nantese, Red Cored Chantenay, Scarlet Nantes, Tonda di Parigi
  • Cauliflower:
    Chef’s Choice Blend, Early Snowball Y
  • Chard, Swiss:
    Five Color Silverbeet, Fordhook Giant, Liscia Verde De Taglio, Ruby Red/Rhubarb
  • Collard:
    Georgia Southern
  • Corn, Sweet:
    Early Golden Bantam, Golden Bantam 8 Row, Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid, Painted Hill, Silver Queen Hybrid, Sugar baby, Sweet G90 Hybrid
  • Cucumbers:
    Green Dragon, Homemade Pickles, Marketmore 76, National Pickling, Parisian Gherkin, Poinsett 76, Spacemaster, Straight Eight, Sumter, Tasty Green Lemon, Telegraph Improved, Tendergreen (burpless)
  • Kohlrabi:
    Purple and White Vienna Blend
  • Lettuce:
    Head: Buttercrunch, Great Lakes
    Leaf: Black Seaded Simpson, Lolla Rossa, New Red Fire, Oak Leaf Blend, Salad Bowl, Salad Bowl Blend, Tom Thumb, Red Sails
    Mesclun: Asian Salad Greens, Chef’s Gourmet Spicy Mix, Chef’s Medley, Farmer’s Market Blend, Gourmet Baby Greens, Sassy Salad, Valentine
    Romaine: Little Gem, Parris Island Cos, Rouge d’Hiver
  • Mustard:
    Florida Broadleaf, Red Giant, Tendergreen
  • Okra:
    Clemson Spineless 80, Emerald, Red Burgundy
  • Onion:
    1015Y, Red Creole, Southern Belle, Texas Early White, Texas Legend, White Bermuda, Yellow Granex
  • Peas:
    Green Arrow, Wando
    Cascadia, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Magnolia, Sugar Snap
    Oregon Sugar Pod II
  • Pepper:
    Hot: Jalafuego, Jalapeno, Padron, Pasilla Baijo/Chilaca, Santaka Hot Asian, Serrano Tampiqueno, Shishito
    Sweet: California Wonder, Canary Bell, Coral Belle, Garden Leader Monster Bell, Grand Bell Mix, Habanada, Jimmy Nardello, Sweet Banana, Sweet Cherry Blend
  • Pumpkin:
    Amish pie, Atlantic Lantern, Big Max, EZ Gro Monster, Jarrahdale, Lumina, Red Warty Thing, Sugar Pie
  • Radish:
    Cherry Belle, Crimson Giant, Easter Egg Blend, French Breakfast, Miyashige White, Watermelon Mantanghong
  • Spinach:
    Bloomsdale, Lavewa, Monstrueux de Viroflay, Roundleaf
  • Squash:
    Summer types: Black Beauty (Zucchini), Cocozelle, Cube of Butter, Dark Green Zucchini, Dirani Lebanese, Dixie Hybrid, Early Prolific Straightneck, Early Summer Crookneck, Early White Bush Scallop, Emerald Delight Zucchini, Scallop (Patty Pan) Blend, Table Queen Acorn, Tatuma (calabacita), Waltham Butternut, Yellow Summer Crookneck
    Winter types: Delicata Honey Boat, Hybrid Hubbard, Lakota, Pink Banana, Red Kuri, Sweet REBA Acorn, Table King Acorn, Vegetable Spaghetti
  • Turnip:
    Purple Top White Globe
  • Watermelon:
    Allsweet, Black Diamond, Charleston Gray, Crimson Sweet, Garden Leader Monster, Moon & Stars, Mountain Sweet Yellow, Sugar Baby

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