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Rose, Knockout Rose Problem with Herbicide

This Knockout rose bush is 2 years old. Last spring it came out just fine. The pictures show how it looks this spring. The leaves won’t grow or develop. What can I do to get this rose bush healthy again?

That looks like herbicide (RoundUp) damage!! My experience has been that the roses will NEVER grow out of this damage and should be removed. As Milton Glueck often says: “KISS IT GOODBY and enjoy the images you took of it last year!” You can plant in the same location; just be careful using the weed killers around ALL roses. For killing grass amongst the roses, you can safely use kills-grasses-ONLY products such as Grass-B-Gon, Fusilade, Over-the-Top, Poast, etc.

This is NOT Rose Rosset which can be seen at:




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