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The 2010 Rodeo Tomato

Texas gardeners are looking for hot-set tomato varieties to use in the spring as well as fall that set good crops of extra-large and large size tomatoes that are crack-resistance and firm with good color and shape.

All varieties are evaluated for maturity, yield, fruit size, fruit color, fruit cracks, firmness, plant size, foliage, fruit shape and taste. Varieties were tested in the Spring, 2007, (See:
and Spring, 2008. One of the top varieties in the tests was Phoenix. Phoenix is a medium-maturing variety that produces good yields of large and extra-large fruit. The fruit is firm, has less cracks and has a good-to-fair taste--depending on age of individual tasting and number of taste buds remaining. The plants are medium to large in size (depending on fertility) and have good to very good foliage.

Phoenix is an early mid-season hybrid hot-set tomato resistant to ASC, F-1, F-2, GLS and V-1. The determinate plant is vigorous with good leaf cover for fruit protection. The high quality, firm, globe-shaped fruit are uniformly-colored with jointed pedicles (the stem which attaches the fruit to the plant) and size from large to extra-large.


Phoenix tomato OVER-VIEW

Disease resistance: Phoenix is resistant to ASC, F-1, F-2, GLS, and V-1. (ASC= Alternaria Stem Canker; GLS= Gray Leaf Spot, Stemphylium; F-1 and F-2, fusarium 1 and 2; and V-1, Verticillium Wilt-1.
Fruit shape: Globe
Fruit size: Large to extra-large
Plant type: Compact determinate
Relative maturity: Midseason



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