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Floratam St. Augustine Grass -- General


  • Tolerant of high summer temperature and dry growing conditions. Even in full sun, Floratam requires less frequent waterings than other St. Augustinegrass varieties to maintain a good appearance during water restrictions such as the Stage II weekly watering only rule.

  • Tolerates shade better than other grasses but prefers full sun -- no less than dappled shade -- for optimum performance. Grown in densely shaded conditions, Floratam St. Augustinegrass will develop thin, spindly turf after several seasons.

  • Well tolerates normal lawn foot traffic

  • Remains green throughout the winter if temperatures do not go below 25 degrees F. for several hours. St. Augustinegrass retains its color at temperatures as much as 10 degrees F. lower than those which discolor bermudagrass.

  • Resistant to St. Augustine Decline and chinchbugs

  • Highly tolerant to brown patch (Large patch) -- Asymptomatic (It very rarely shows visible symptoms) of Brownpatch (Large patch) fungal disease and Take-all patch fungus


Floratam sod under tree is greener because it can uptake iron better than any other St. Augustinegrass.
(Photo by Billie McKensie)


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