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Three exits east of 281, inside of 1604
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Wilson County News Q & A 

By Calvin R. Finch, PhD, SAWS Water Resources Director, and Horticulturist

Week of February 18, 2008


 Q.       Which is a better shade tree, Monterrey oak or live oak?                             


A.       Both are excellent shade trees and they have several similar characteristics.  Both are evergreen and both species are good xeriscape plants.  The Monterrey oak grows faster and is oak wilt resistant.  Monterrey oak is also called Mexican white oak.        


Q.       I like Brussels sprouts but mine now have aphids.  I try to rinse them off but it does not work well and it grosses me out.  There has to be an easier way to eliminate the aphids after I harvest them?                


A.       My Brussels sprouts also have aphids now. I put them in a pre-soak of salt water after harvest.  The aphids die and float to the surface and are relatively easy to pour off.  Don’t be so squeamish, the aphids will not hurt you and are just a high protein form of Brussels sprouts (or whatever else they are feeding on) anyway.  Control aphids on the plant with insecticidal soap.                 


Q.       We planted daffodils and tulips last year and I expected them to be up by now.  Is there still a chance?                         


A.       Most daffodils and tulips do not naturalize in South and Central Texas because of our lack of cold weather.  Tulips need to be put in the refrigerator for six weeks before planting on or about January 1st.  Paperwhites naturalize.  King Alfred daffodils do not naturalize.  Campernelle, Trevithian, and Golden Scepter, do naturalize.  They work best when planted in the autumn.  If they are not up by now they are probably not going to grow.          


Q.      We have Bermuda grass.   My lawn is nice and green, but the grass does not look like Bermuda grass.  It is too lush.                


A.       The grass you see is probably rescue grass, or annual blue grass.   Both are considered winter weeds even though they look nice if you keep them mowed.     


Q.       There are still no American goldfinches at our feeders.  This is the second year in a row.  Is there a chance they will still come?     


A.       Probably not.  The last two years have not been the best years for American goldfinches in our area.  Maybe next year.