Recommended Ornamental Plants for Southeast Texas Including Houston and Beaumont

Vince Mannino, County Extension Horticulturist
Texas Cooperative Extension
Beaumont, Texas

Ornamental plants are the primary tool in developing functional and beautiful home grounds. The well-informed homeowner must know the plants' identity, their growth requirements, and how to use them properly in the home landscape.

Every plant in the landscape should satisfy a definite landscape need; otherwise, it becomes an added expense, a space taker, or a liability rather than an asset to the homeowner. To achieve full use of a plant in the landscape, the user must know the plant he chooses - its growth requirements and its abilities to satisfy the need for which it is intended.

The following list of plants is broken down into basic or general usage areas with basic growth demands, plant characteristics and sizes, and values and drawbacks. Common names and scientific names are listed. The scientific name should be used when possible because many plants have various common names. Quite often two plants may have the same common name. This plant listing is by no means all inclusive.

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