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Question: I was unable to find information on two problems we're having with our
lawn. The nutgrass seems to be uncontrollable and multiplies like crazy, and we have.....I believe it's called Dollarweed, or dollar clover? It, too
spreads. We have St. Augustine grass. It's likely we've added to our problem by not bagging the grass and rather using the mulching feature on the mower. Seems to me that only spreads the seeds around. I do have one other weed I would like help with, so I would be happy to contact you if you will give me a phone #. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these menaces? Thanks in advance for your help.

After I sent you the last email, it dawned on me to send you a picture
of the weeds I'm describing. Particularly the one on the right with what looks like a "burr" at the top. I'm thinking this is also nut grass, but I haven't seen the burr on the nutgrass in my flower beds, only on the ones in my St.Augustine.

Answer: The one weed with the round leaf blade is definitely dollarweed.
Unfortuntely, this is a very difficult weed to control. Repeat
applications of the three-way herbicides such as Ortho's Weed-B-Gon for
Southern Grasses will do a fair job. There is a herbicide called Manor
or Blade which will do a pretty good job on this weed. At this time I
am not aware of any products sold in garden or retail stores that have
these chemicals in them.

The weed with the little bur is one of the sedges, probably Green
Kyllinga. Either Image or Manage can be used to control the Green
Kyllinga. I hear that the Image works a little better on the Kyllinga
than Manage. Be careful to not over apply the Image, because it could
discolor or burn your St. Augustinegrass.

James McAfee