In memory of J.C. Raulston (1940-1996)

Director, N. C. State University Arboretum and Horticulturist Extraordinaire
(The arboretum was renamed the J. C. Raulston Arboretum at N. C. State University)
Texas A&M University Deptment of Horticultural Sciences 1972-1975

My Favorite Tree

My favorite tree died last night;
so bold in stature and grand in height.

It came so sudden as it wasn't ill;
but its leaves have fallen and its sap is still.

It started life's journey as a rare little seed;
grew slowly at first and then with speed.

It blossomed late, but how it did;
the ground it covered and its foliage hid.

The world came to watch this beautiful tree;
from north to south and sea to sea.

It shared its seed with those that came;
and all that planted knew its name.

It asked for nothing but its gift to give;
and despite its death, its heart will live.

Now the garden lies still at the redbud's weep;
And though our friend is gone, his love we'll keep.

Greg Grant, 1996