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Milberger's Nursery and Landscaping
3920 North Loop 1604 E.
San Antonio, TX 78247

Open 9 to 6 Mon. through Sat.
and 10 to 5 on Sun.

Three exits east of 281, inside of 1604
Next to the Diamond Shamrock station
Please click map for more detailed map and driving directions.

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Corn Roasting Instructions
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1. First, find a farmer such as Malcolm Beck to grow and harvest some wonderful sweet corn such as Sweet G - 90 (Bicolor or yellow and white kerneled corn) or Silver Queen (white corn). Local homeowners can purchase corn at Verstuyft Farms (Loop 1604 & Interstate 35 South access road towards Laredo)
(Telephone: 210-622-3423)
2. A person can tell when to harvest corn because the silks have turned completely brown.
3. Step 2 is to get a loving person (such as Malcolm Beck, pictured) to put the sweet corn --- shuck and all ---- onto a hot grill.
4. When the grill is full............
5. Close the grill hood.
6. So people won't think you are a complete vegetarian, cook some "cow burgers" as well.
7. After several minutes check the ears to see if the outside shucks are scorched on the bottom. If so, rotate the ears.
8.After both sides of the ears are scorched .........
9. After several ears have been cut and shucked, even tougher-than-tough organic farmers such as Malcolm realize that a pot-holder, insulated glove helps when holding and shucking that hot corn!!
10. After removing the hot-as-Hell shucks and silks, a good bathe in real butter adds just the bit of nutrition and flavor that is needed to make the corn-roasting experience a REAL success and a WONDERFUL eating experience.