Darla Anita

White Perfection

Edge of Darkness

Question: Can you tell me about some of the new daylily hybrids for 2002?

Answer: One of the amazing things about daylilies is the yearly improvements being made by hybridizers across the country. Incredible ornate ruffling, heavily fluted edges, flamboyant colors, and the elusive white daylily are all within reach in the daylily world. As these pictures show so vividly, there are few competitors in the flower world that can offer such an incredible array of different colors, forms, and exotic nuances as the daylily. In the first photo, DARLA ANITA (Kinnebrew) shows the incredible ornate ruffling now in the most modern of the daylily hybrids. The second photo is a seedling by Mark Carpenter showing a bold red eye with outer petal speckling; WHITE PERFECTION (Stamile) shows just how close hybridizers are coming to the true color of white in daylilies; seedling 99P 102D from Jack Carpenter shows bold coloring out of the eyezone of the daylily; EDGE OF DARKNESS shows the bold color patterns which can come out of purple hybridizing; the Stamile Double 3 seedling shows the new edging patterns coming out of the doubles hybridizing arena; and the final photo shows the beautiful possibilities coming out of the red eye and edge hybridizing in this seedling by Jack Carpenter.

As one can readily see, there seems to be no limit to the amazing advancements occurring in the field of daylily hybridizing. And remember, these beauties can add instant color to your garden in the spring/early summer timeframe, and the evergreen varieties provide beautiful foliage year round.

Answer provided by Mark Carpenter of the San Antonio Daylily Society.

Clothed in Glory X Ruby Laser

Seedling 99P 102D

Stamile Double 3

Double Edge Red


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