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Primetime NewspapersBy Calvin R. Finch, PhD, SAWS Conservation Director, and HorticulturistWeek of July 11, 2005  

“Crape Myrtles”

            It took them awhile to start blooming this summer because of the cool spring, but they have started now and are making a show all over the city.  If it is practical (reachable height) deadhead your crape myrtles to encourage more bloom.  Deadheading means to cut the spent flowers off of the plant so seeds do not form.


            For those of you who are considering crape myrtles for your landscape, here is a list of hybrid varieties to consider.  The new hybrids are recommended because they are powdery mildew resistant.  The larger selections can be trained as a single stemmed tree or large multi-stemmed shrub.  More varieties and information about planting and pruning crape myrtles can be found at, click information index, click trees and shrubs, click pruning and or planting.  Crape myrtles in containers can be planted at anytime.  Some retail nurseries have summer sales on shrubs and trees. 




Acoma                      White                     Low spreading           6’ – 10”            Purple-red


Arapaho                     Red                       Upright                      20’+                 n/a


Biloxi                       Pale Pink                   Upright vase             30’+                 Orange red


Catawba                    Purple                     Broad crown              8’ – 10’                        Orange


Cheyenne               Bright Red                  Rounded                   8’ – 12’                        n/a


Chickasaw           Pink-Lavender               Miniature                  2’ – 3’              n/a


Choctaw                Bright Pink                   Small tree                 15’ – 20’           Maroon


Comanche             Coral Pink                  Broad crown               15’ – 20’           Orange red


Dallas Red                 Red                       Broad upright              20’+                 n/a


Hopi                       Med. Pink                 Low globose               8’ – 10’                        Orange red


Lipan                   Med. Lavender              Broad upright                        15’ – 20’           Orange


Miami                    Dark Pink                    Upright                     20’+                 Orange


Muskogee         Light Lavender              Broad tall tree               25’+                 Red/Orange


Natchez                  White                     Broad tall tree               20’ – 30’           High Red         


Osage               Clear Pink                  Pendulous globose           15’ – 20’           High Red         


Pecos               Medium Pink                 Low globose                8’ – 10’            Maroon


Pink Velour       Bright Pink                         Upright                    8’ – 10’                      Dark Orange


Potomac           Clear Pink                    Upright small tree         15’ – 20’            Orange


Red Rocket       Cherry Red                        Upright                       20’+                n/a


Sioux                Vibrant Pink                      Upright                     12’ – 15’           Maroon


Tightwad Red      Light Red                        Dwarf                       2’ – 4’                          n/a


Tonto                     Red                      Compact globose                 8’ – 12’       Bright maroon


Tuscarora         Dark Pink                    Broad vase                 20’ – 25’         Red orange


Tuskegee          Dark Pink                  Broad spreading              15’ – 25’         Red orange


Zuni              Medium Lavender                 Globose                      9’ – 12’          Red orange

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