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Wilson County News Q & A

By Calvin Finch, Ph.D., Director of Conservation, SAWS, and Horticulturist

Submitted to Wilson County News


Q.                My esperanza has quit blooming. I thought they were supposed to bloom all summer?  It is in full sun and we only water it once per month if it does not rain.  Any ideas, fertilizer?

A.        The main reason esperanza quits blooming is that it sets seeds.  Pull the pods off of the plant and it should start blooming again.  Fertilizer is not necessary.



Q.        Our pond is loaded with duckweed.  Copper sulphate keeps the algae under control but this stuff seems invincible.

A.        Weed control in ponds is out of my area of expertise.  Call in your county agricultural agent.  If he/she does not have a solution they can call in the resources of Texas A & M University.



Q.        The lantana was blooming strong but now the bloom has quit and the leaves have a dust, dirty look.

A.        One of the sucking insects have attacked the plant.  In the case of lantana it is probably lace bugs.  There are two choices, spray with orthene or just let the lace bugs do their worse and the plant will recover later.



Q.        Both my wife and I work in San Antonio so we have sympathy for your water situation but why hasn’t the city shut down growth?  You are seeking water all over.

A.        It is true that San Antonio has decided for now that growth is desirable and that we can conserve enough and find enough new water sources to continue to grow.  Growth is desirable because it creates jobs for our children and grandchildren, property values stay high, tax revenues grow and profits continue.  San Antonio’s economic health is important to its residents, plus the families in surrounding communities.  The majority of residents of many towns surrounding San Antonio work in S.A.



Q.        Should we mow our lawn higher in the summer to protect the grass and save water?

A.        There is no clear evidence that mowing taller in the summer saves water or contributes to grass health.  The recommended heights for year around mowing are 3 inches for St Augustine, 4 inches for buffalo grass, 1-1.5 inches for Bermuda and 2 inches for Zoysia.