Texas SpringSweet and 1015 SuperSweet Onions are the sweetest, mildest-tasting onions available. Grown in South Texas' Rio Grande Valley, SpringSweets are available from mid-March through June, while larger-size 1015 SuperSweets have a shorter season from mid-April through May. Both are available in grocery stores throughout the country and are easily identified by their Texas-size proportions and thin, dry skins.

Texas sweet onions are delicious served raw in salads, sandwiches, burgers, salsas and dips. For even milder flavor, add them to cooked dishes including casseroles, pizzas, pastas and egg dishes. Texas sweet onions can be used in virtually any recipe calling for onions.

What makes these onions so sweet?

Texas sweet onions have been bred to contain very little pyruvate, the chemical that causes tears and strong flavors. The sweetest of the onion varieties, 1015 SuperSweet Onions, took 10 years of research to produce. But it was worth the wait. The 1015 SuperSweet captured the title of the sweetest-tasting onion in national competition. Its numerical moniker is derived from the ideal planting date - October 15.

Selection & Storage

Look for Texas onions with shiny, thin skins and tight, dry necks. These onions have a high water content (thus giving them their juicy characteristics) and require extra care when storing. To maintain quality, store in a well-ventilated area in a single layer or in hosiery with a knot separating each onion. Texas sweet onions will remain fresh up to 30 days from harvest when stored properly.

For the Health Of It

As consumers look for new ways to add flavor without fat to their home-cooked meals, many turn to the versatile onion. For centuries, onions have been favored for distinct flavor and culinary appeal. Today, home cooks have another reason for eating these sweet-tasting globes: They're good for you! Researchers have proven that onions have naturally occurring compounds that lower blood pressure and cholesterol, aid in stopping dangerous blood clotting and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Additionally, they provide vitamin C, several B vitamins and folic acid. They're also low in calories; one medium-size onion contains only 60 calories.

Nutrition Facts

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Quick Tips Using Texas Sweet Onions