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Weed Control Programs for Spring and Summer:

Summer weeds or Winter weeds can get out of control without proper management.


By April, spring application of preemergent herbicides for the control of summer annual weeds should have been applied.  However, if they have not been applied, application of a preemergent herbicide at this time will still control a majority of the summer annual weeds.  Application of preemergent herbicides should be used on St. Augustinegrass and centipedegrass lawns with caution in the spring.  While these herbicides are selective for turfgrasses, they can cause root pruning in these particular grasses, especially if they are under stress.  Also, bermudagrass and/or zoysiagrass areas that were not watered during the winter months should be treated with caution. 


The summer grassy and broadleaf weeds are just starting to appear in turfgrass sites.  For the broadleaf weeds, use one of the two-way or three-way hormone herbicide combination products.  For grassy weeds, use one of the herbicides containing MSMA or DSMA.  Note, for the arsenical herbicides to work, daytime temperatures need to be in the upper 80 to lower 90 degree F.  range.  For hard to control grassy weeds such as dallisgrass, it will probably take 2 to 3 applications applied at a 7 to 10 day interval.  It is very important to not water or mow the turfgrass for at least 24 and preferably 48 hours after treating with one of the arsenical herbicides.  Note, remember that the arsenical products such as MSMA and DSMA cannot be used on St. Augustinegrass or Centipedegrass lawns.




Listed below are several herbicide lists.  While these are partial lists, they do contain some of the more common herbicides used for weed control in turfgrass areas.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to read the herbicide label carefully before purchasing the product to make certain it is 1) still labeled for use on the weed they are trying to control and 2) and for the site ( residential lawn vs. sports field vs. sod farm, etc.)  and 3) the particular turfgrass species and variety they are treating.  Always read the label carefully before applying the herbicide to make sure the correct rate is being applied for effective weed control.


These lists are were formulated in April, 2006, as a resource list for  herbicide recommendations.  These will change from year to year. 



Table 1.  Partial List of Common and Trade Names for Preemergent Herbicides Used to Control Annual Weeds in Turfgrasses:


      Common name                                      Trade name(s)


   atrazine                                                          Atrazine 4L, Aatrex                                                                              4L, Purge 4L


   benefin                                                           Balan 2.5 G, Balan                                                                           60 DF, 2.5 Benefin                                                                               Granules


   benefin + oryzalin                                          XL 2G, Excel-5 Plus


   benefin + oxadiazon                                       Regal Star


   benifin + trifluralin                                         Team 2G, Team Pro


   bensulide                                                         Betasan,                                                                       Bensumec, PreSan,                                                                      Weedgrass Preventor  


   bensulide + oxadiazon                                    Goose/Crab Control


   dithiopyr                                                          Dimension, Ultra                                                                                    WSP


 ethofumesate                                                    Prograss 1.5 EC


   isoxaben                                                           Gallery


   metolachlor                                                      Pennant Magnum                                                                                 7.62 EC


   oryzalin                                                            Surflan 4 AS


   oxadiazon                                                        Ronstar¹


   pendimethalin                                                  Pendulum                                                                         (several), Pre-M


   prodiamine                                                       Barricade,                                                                                   Endurance, Factor,                                                                          RegalKade G


   pronamide                                                       Kerb


   simazine                                                          Princep 4L,                                                                        Simazine 4L, Simtrol                                                                                   4L



   1.  not for use in residential lawns.



Table II.  Partial List of Common and Trade Names for Postemergent Control of Broadleaf Weeds in Turfgrass:


      Common name                                               Trade name(s)


    atrazine                                                             Atrazine, Aatrex                                                                                4L, Purge 4L


    carfentrazone                                                    Quicksilver 


    chlorosulfuron                                                   Corsair


  clopyralid                                                           Lontrel¹


   diquat                                                             Reward Landscape                                                                           & Aquatic Herbicide


  ethofumesate                                                      Prograss 1.5 EC


   flazasulfuron                                                      Katana


   fluroxpyr                                                            Spotlight


   foramsulfuron                                                    Revolver


   imazaquin                                                          Image


    MCPA                                                                MCPA L.V. 4                                                                                  Ester


   MCPA, MCPP, dicamba                                   TriPower Selective,                                                                                Encore,


   MCPA, MCPP, dicamba, carfentrazone            Powerzone


   MCPA, triclopyr, dicamba                                TruPower


   MCPA, fluroxypyr, dicamba                             TruPower 2


   Mecroprop (MCPP)                                          MCPP-4 amine,

                                                                       Mecomec 2.5 EC


   MCPP, 2,4-D, dicamba                                     Trimec Southern,                                                                          Lesco Three Way                                                                          Selective,

                                                                        Bentgrass Selective,                                                                             Triplet SF


  MCPA, triclopyr, dicamba                                Cool Power Ester,                                                                        Lesco Eliminate,                                                                           Three Way

                                                                       Ester II Sensitive,                                                                              Horsepower


  metsulfuron-methyl                                        Blade, Manor


   quinclorac                                                    Drive


   triclopyr                                                       Turflon Ester


   triclopyr, clopyralid                                        Confront¹


    2,4-D                                                          Dymec, WEEDestroy                                                                         AM-40 Amine,

                                                                       Hardball, Lesco A-                                                                             4D


   2,4-D, 2,4-DP                                                Patron 170 Ester


  2,4-D, clopyralid, dicamba                                Millennium Ultra


  2,4-D, clopyralid, dicamba, MSMA                     Millennium Ultra Plus


   2,4-D, dicamba                                               Lesco Eight-One


   2,4-D, MCPP, dicamba                                   Three-Way Selective,                                                                          Trimec Southern,

                                                                       Trimec Bentgrass,                                                                         Trimec Classic,

                                                                       Trimec Turf                                                                           Herbicide


  2,4-D, MCPP-p, dicamba                                 Triplet HI-D, Triplet                                                                            Selective


  2,4-D, MCPP,dicamba, carfentrazone                 Speedzone,                                                                                      Speedzone                                                                                       Southern


  2,4-D, MCPP, dicamba, sulfentrazone                 Surge


  2,4-D, MCPP, 2,4-DP                                     Dissolve, Triamine


  2,4-D, triclopyr, clopyralid                             Momentum


  2,4-D, triclopyr                                             Chaser


  MSMA, 2,4-D, MCPP, dicamba                        Trimec Plus


  trifloxysulfuron                                             Monument



   1.  not for use in residential lawns.




Table III.  Partial List of Common and Trade Names for Control of Grassy Weeds in Turfgrasses:


      Common name                                                 Trade name(s)


      chlorsulfuron                                                      Corsair


       diquat                                                              Reward                                                                                         Landscape &                                                                           Aquatic Herbicide


    ethofumsate                                                   Prograss 1.5 EC


     fenoxaprop                                                          Acclaim¹


     flazasulfuron                                                       Katana


     foramsulfuron                                                     Revolver³


    fluazifop-p-butyl                                                 Fusilade II²


     metribuzin                                                        Sencor 75W


  metsulfuron-methyl                                             Blade, Manor


      MSMA                                                            MSMA 6 Plus,                                                                        Bueno 6, Target 6.6,                                                                                 MSMA

                                                                             Plus HC,                                                                           TurfMax 6 Plus,                                                                             MSMA Turf

                                                                        Herbicide, Lesco                                                                          Soluble MSMA                                                                              Granules


MSMA, 2,4-D, MCPP, dicamba                                Trimec Plus


     rimsulfuron                                                        TranXit³


    trifloxysulfuron                                                  Monument³


for grassy weed control in cool season turfgrasses.

for control of grassy weeds in zoysiagrasses.

primarily used for poa annua control and as ryegrass transition aid.  




Table IV.  Partial List of Herbicides for the Control of Sedges in Turfgrasses:


    Common name                                                Trade name(s)


    halosulfuron                                                    Sedgehammer


     imazaquin                                                            Image


    sulfosulfuron                                                       Certainty


   trifloxysulfuron                                                   Monument


    sulfentazone                                                        Dismiss




Table V.  Partial List of Common and Trade Names for Preemergent Weed Control in Home Lawns by Homeowners:


Common Name                           Trade Names (partial list)


1. dithiopyr                                Sta-Green Crab Ex;  Green Light                                                          Crabgrass Preventor;

                                                Vigoro Preemergent Crabgrass and                                                                Weed Preventor


2. pendimethalin                        Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventor


3. oryzalin                                  Southern Ag. Surflan A.S.


4. isoxaben                                 Portrait Broadleaf Weed Preventor


5. benefin + oryzalin                  Green Light Amaze Grass and Weed                                                               Preventor;  XL 2G;


6. benefin + trifluralin                 Hi-Yield Crabgrass Preventor;                                                                 Southern Ag. Team 2 G


7. corn gluten meal                    Concern All Natural Weed Preventor                                                                         Plus

                                                   Nature’s Guide Corn Gluten Meal


Note, labels can change on a regular basis.  Therefore, always read the labels before purchasing and before using any of these herbicides to determine which grasses they can safely be used on and what weeds they will control. 




Table VI.  Partial List of Common and Trade Names for Postemergent Weed Control in Home Lawns by Homeowners:


Common Name                                Trade Names (partial list)


1.   2,4-D                                          2,4-D Amine No. 4;  American                                                             2,4-D Selective Weed



2.   2,4-D, MCPP,                            Ace Spot Weed Killer;  Bayer                                                              Advanced Lawns Southern

                                                     Dicamba Weed;  Ferti-lome                                                                Weed Out Lawn Weed Killer;                                                              Green Light Wipe Out Broadleaf                                                         Weed Killer;  Ortho Weed-B-

                                                     Gon;  Spectracide Weed Stop For                                                       Lawns;  Southern Ag.

                                                     Lawn Weed Killer:  Hi-Yield Lawn                                                       Weed Killer;  Bonide Weed Beater                                                       Lawn Weed Killer;  Bonide Weed                                                       Beater  Southern Lawns


3.   imazaquin                                  Ambrands Image


4.   msma, dsma, cma                     Green Light MSMA Crabgrass                                                        Killer;  Ambrands Image       

                                                      “Kills Crabgrass”;  Ortho Weed-                                                           B-Gon Crabgrass Killer

                                                      for Lawns;  Bonide MSMA                                                                   Crabgrass Killer; 

                                                       Ferti-lome Crabgrass, Nutsedge                                                         and Dallisgrass Killer;

                                                       Hi-Yield 529 MSMA Weed Killer


5.  2,4-D, mcpp, dicamba                 Bayer Advanced Lawns All-in-One                                                Weed Killer;  Fertilome Weed                                                             Out Plus Lawn Weed and Grass                                                        Killer; Bonide Weed Beater Plus


6.   triclopyr                                   Ortho Weed-B-Gon Chickweed,                                                       Clover and Oxalis Killer;  Hi-Yield                                                        Turflon Ester


7.   bentazon                                   Southern Ag Sedge Hammer;                                                        Monterey Nihalator;

                                                      Hi-Yield Basagran                                                         


8.   mcpp, 2,4-D, dicamba               Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer;                                                          Ortho Weed-B-Gon

                                                    Weed Killer for Lawns;  Ortho                                                      Weed-B-Gon Kills

                                                    Weeds, Not Lawns


9.   2,4-D, mcpp, dicamba,              Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone



10.  2,4-D, MCPP_p,                     Basic Solutions Lawn Weed Killer




11.  2, 4-D, triclopyr, dicamba      Bonide Chickweed, Clover and                                                   Oxalis Killer; Ortho Weed-B-Gon                                                    Max


12.  2,4-D, MCPP, dicamba          Spectracide Weed Stop 2X for Lawns

         + sulfentrazone


Note, labels are always changing.  Always advise individuals to read the label before purchasing and before applying to make sure the herbicide is still labeled for use in their type of lawn grass and for the weeds they are trying to control.   



Following is a list of several websites that are excellent for looking up common weeds found in turfgrasses.