Can you please tell me where I can purchase Douglas pear trees? This is a favorite variety to a relative. He thinks it is the best pear that he has had that will grow in our area. Offhand, do you have any sources that I can check on the history of Douglas pear? This last question would just be of interest — not really important. I would like to purchase about three Douglas pears, though, if I can find them. (Womack's and some other nurseries do not list Douglas.)

The Douglas pear produces a golden yellow fruit with sweet, juicy, white flesh. It is best when used fresh. Often it produces one year after planting. The pear is blight proof and disease resistant. It is hardy in zones 4 - 8. The following nurseries claim to carry the variety.

L. E. Cooke Co.
26333 RD 140
Visalia, CA 93277
NOTE: This is strictly a wholesale nursery so you would have to get your local nursery to order the trees from them.

Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co.
2nd and Capital
Yankton, SD 57079

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